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defrost v : make or become free of frost or ice; "Defrost the car window" [syn: deice, de-ice]

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  1. To remove frost from.
    I have just 'defrosted the fridge.
  2. To thaw something.
    Will you 'defrost the chops for supper tonight?
  3. To recover from something tiresome.
    See you tomorrow evening; I'll have defrosted from my trip by then.


to remove frost from
  • Czech: odmrazit
  • Finnish: poistaa jää
  • German: entfrosten
  • Polish: odmrozić, rozmrozić
to thaw
  • Finnish: sulattaa
  • Polish: odmrozić, rozmrozić
to recover from something tiresome

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Defrosting is a procedure, performed periodically on refrigerators and freezers to maintain their operating efficiency. Over time water vapour in the air condenses on the cooling elements within the cabinet. The resulting ice inhibits heat transfer out of the cabinet increasing running costs. Furthermore as the ice builds up it takes increasing space from within the cabinet - reducing the space available for food storage.
Defrosting the unit is achieved by:-
  • Temporarily removing all food from the cabinet.
  • Turning off power to the unit.
  • Leaving the doors to the unit open
  • Waiting for the ice to melt and draining it appropriately. Using a towel is advisable when completing this step.
The process may be sped up by mechanical removal of ice, or the introduction of gentle heat into the cabinet. Placing a pan of hot water in the cabinet and closing it is an effective method. Using a fan to blow in room temperature air will also greatly speed up the melting process as well as help to evaporate the damp surfaces. Any mechanical removal of ice should be done gently so that the equipment is not damaged.
It is generally recommended that defrosting should be done annually.
Many newer units are described as frost free (or no frost) and do not require manual defrosting in normal use.

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